Volcano II Collapsible All Purpose Stove

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Multi-functional Charcoal Stove!! Collapses to 1/3 of it’s operating configuration when not in use for easy transport. Patented air vent design controls cooking temperature, eliminated flare-ups and provides for rapid start-up. Double wall construction ensures safe operation. Designed for use with a Dutch Oven, Wok, Frying Pan, or Large Pot. Can also be used for Grilling or Smoking and comes fully assembled ready to use with its own Storage Bag. Proven to be more efficient and versatile than any other stove on the market today.

Charcoal Cooking System: Provides wide range of cooking options

  • Vented, Textured Body: Keeps Outside Surface of stove cool while cooking.
  • Legs Fold as it Collapses: For portability and storage.
  • Compact Design: Compacts and sets up with ease.
  • Fold To: 16″ X 5.5″
  • Open: 16” x 16” x 13”
  • Cooking Surface: 12” in Diameter – 12″ Regular Dutch oven or 12″ Deep Dutch oven drop down inside. You can stack a 14″ on top of that if you like.
  • Made of High Grade Steel
  • Fuel: Charcoal, Wood or Optional Propane
  • Total Weight: 22 lbs.
  • The Volcano Collapsible All Purpose Stove is a collapsible, charcoal-fired, portable, lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile unit, designed with quality in mind. Any type of cooking is easy and fun, with this new and unique unit. Now you can fry eggs, braise meat, roast a prime rib, steam vegetables, deep-fry fish and chips, cook stew, chili or spaghetti sauce, boil a lobster, stir-fry your favorite oriental dish, barbecue a prime sirloin, or bake bread. You will be able to do all this on your patio or in a camping environment. Use your imagination! The All Purpose stove was designed to provide you with a choice.Now you have a alternative to the outdoor cooking methods commonly in use today. Imagine a three or four course meal cooked on a picnic table or while enjoying friendly conversation in your back yard or on your patio.Nothing comes close to the versatility of the Volcano Collapsible. The System provides for unlimited cooking variations. The Volcano Collapsible is the smallest, most versatile and portable unit made and the only instantly collapsible portable cooking system available on the planet. The unit can be readied for use or collapsed to the stowed position in less then 5 seconds. Use the stove with a large pot, a Dutch Oven, a frying pan, a Wok, or as a Barbecue. The skin temperature on the outside is minimized and you can even cook on a plastic tablecloth. The Volcano Collapsible is almost impossible to turn over accidentally due to the wide stance and the exclusive tripod self-locking supporting legs. The patented Venting system provides you with excellent control of the air coming into the fire chamber.