Quarrow 2 Stage Knife Sharpener


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The Quarrow® 2 Stage Knife Sharpener is an easy and convenient way to sharpen your knives. Whether professional quality or inexpensive, all knives need a blade tune-up now and then. The Knife Sharpener features two sets of sharpening rods with pre-set angles that restore dull blades with just a few strokes of the knife. The coarse sharpening side (320 grain) is used to restore dull blades. The fine side (800 grain) is used to perfect already sharp blades. This sharpener features an ergonomic three-finger handle that ensures a good grip while sharpening, and keeps fingers away to avoid injury.


Sharpens all sporting and kitchen knives
Uses both coarse (320 grain) and fine (800 grain)
Compact design
3-finger grip keeps fingers and hands away while sharpening knives
Pre-set ceramic sharpening system
The sharpener is designed for safe, quick efficient and convenient sharpening


Height – 3”
Width – 3.25”
Weight – 0.15 lbs.

Made in China