Maca 17 Inch Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven 29 qt.


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Elk design on top of lid.

Main dishes 96 servings to 160 servings, turkeys up to 25 lbs. prime ribs up to 16 lbs. & large groups.

9″ Deep Inside = 29 qt.
Cast Iron -67 lbs. total weight………..Shipping about $90.00 but will adjust each order depending upon your zip code.

Total Height = 13″
This one cooks it all, and a lot of it. The oven for catering, large family reunions and scouting retreats. This oven makes the impossible, possible.

Made in India

We are going to do a Special Run of Cast Iron Maca Dutch Ovens in the 11″, 15″, 17″, 22″ and the Oval 12″ x 16″ x 9″. It will take 20 orders of each one to order them. When we place the order with Maca we will charge your card. It might take 6 months or Longer to get them depending upon how long it takes to get 20 orders for each dutch oven size. So, if you are not in a big hurry place your order. All Dutch Ovens will be made in India.

All dutch ovens picked up in Utah will be charged 6.75% sales tax!!

Order Filled Sept 13th = 20 Sold of the 20!! I am hoping they will be in March or April 2018!!

Ordered So Far Next Order- 4


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