Maca 15 Inch Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven 18 qt.


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Fishing design on top of lid.

Main dishes up to 50 servings, side dishes up to 85 servings, crown roast, ham & large groups.

7.5″ Deep Inside = 18 qt.
Cast Iron – 46 lbs. total weight…………….Shipping around $70.00 but will adjust each order depending upon your zip code.

Total Height = 11.5″
Large enough for 12-15 lb. turkeys, Family Reunions or Scout. Wonderful size because it is big enough to feed large groups yet small enough that it is still easy to use for Tailgate Camping or to bring with you to a Backyard BBQ.

Made in India

We are going to do a Special Run of Cast Iron Maca Dutch Ovens in the 11″, 15″, 17″, 22″ and the Oval 12″ x 16″ x 9″. It will take 20 orders of each one to order them. When we place the order with Maca we will charge your card. It might take 6 months or Longer to get them depending upon how long it takes to get 20 orders for each dutch oven size. So, if you are not in a big hurry place your order. All Dutch Ovens will be made in India.

All dutch ovens picked up in Utah will be charged 6.75% sales tax!!

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