Camp Chef 14 inch Artisan Outdoor Oven PZ30


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  • Fits models: EX60, DB60, YK60, EX170, EX280, SB30D


  • Fits all Camp Chef 14″ Cooking System stoves
  • Opened face pizza oven cooks like a traditional brick oven
  • Ceramic stone pulls outer moisture off dough and promotes perfect crust, leaving the inside moist and fluffy
  • Cooking Surface Diameter: 12.63″ x 12.63″ (160 sq. in)
  • Pizza stone made of cordierite ceramic
  • Specially designed heat diffusion plates
  • Built in temperature gauge
  • Includes Italia Pizza Oven Cooking Guide with recipes
  • Overall Dimensions: 14″ x 16″ x 8″
  • Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Made in China

Built after a traditional wood fired brick oven, the Artisan Outdoor Oven Accessory is perfect for pizzas, breads, meats, vegetables, and desserts. The ceramic stone promotes even heat distribution and the domed ceiling design mimics the same heating pattern as a wood fired brick oven. Preheats in just 15 minutes, exceeding 600°F if needed.

Camp Chef Price $ 160.00