Camp Chef 12 inch Aluminum Dutch Oven Liners

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Aluminum Dutch Oven Liners are great for any Dutch Oven meal.
Disposable liners prevent the need for cleaning and seasoning your oven enabling more food preparation per oven.
Your food can be removed from the oven and served right in the liner while you use the oven for your next dish.

  •  12″ = 11 3/4″ size
  • 3 7/8″ deep
  • Made for the Camp Chef or Lodge 12″ or 6 qt.
  • weight-1 lbs

Sold in Packs of 3

  • Sorry they do not make any for the 12″ Deep
  • Never have to clean your dutch oven again
  • Serve food at the table right out of the liner
  • Do not worry about seasoning your dutch oven again.
  • Clean up is so easy. You just remove and go play.
  • Great for Boy Scouts, Family Reunions, or the back yards
  • Made in China

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