Camp Chef 11 inch Square Skillet


Sold Out & Discontinued by Camp Chef!

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  • Full length: 17.4″
  • Handle length: 5″
  • Skillet depth: .85″
  • Made in China

  • True Seasoned Finish cast iron pot
  • Dual pour spouts
  • Comfort design handle
  • Helper handle to provide support while carrying or pouring

Enjoy the benefits of cast iron with the Camp Chef’s exclusive 11″ Square Skillet. The Square Skillet is great for all your typical skillet cooking and fits nicely over a one burner stove to maximize heat efficiency. Four sandwiches fit perfectly inside to cook all at once, great for French toast too. Pre-seasoned so it’s ready to cook and easy to clean up and maintain.

Camp Chef Price $ 22.95

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